Council Bluffs couple get married in hospital room

Photo: Getty Images

(Council Bluffs, IA) -- A Council Bluffs couple got married in a hospital room after one of the two was on a ventilator for nearly a month.

Jonathan Johnson was not vaccinated at the time and contracted COVID-19. His hospital team told 6 News they questioned if he would ever make it home.

Near the end of his recovery, the staff at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital helped Johnson plan a surprise wedding for his fiancé.

Mariah Copeland-Johnson said she did not suspect a thing.

“I was completely blown away. It was an emotional bawl. I didn’t think this would happen that fast. I’m so happy he did it, so I can spend forever with the man I love,” said Copeland-Johnson.

Jonathan and Mariah have a young son who is turning two soon. The Johnsons tell 6 News they look forward to sharing with him the story of how they got married.

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