Leader of Omaha activist group arrested in New York, removed from group


Photo: Getty Images

(Omaha, NE) -- A leader of an Omaha activist group has been kicked out of the organization after his out-of-state arrest.

New York City Police arrested "Bear" Alexander Matthews on Monday on six charges, including assault, strangulation, and grand theft.

Police say Matthews was in a fight with a 30-year-old in an Uber on Monday morning and pushed her head into a wall, causing her nose to bleed. Detectives say she told them he choked her, threw her against the ground, and took her car keys.

Matthews was one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Action Party in Omaha. A Facebook post from the organization announced his expulsion from the party on Tuesday.

Matthews was scheduled to face charges in court in Omaha the same day he was arrested in New York City.

The Omaha charges come from a May protest where Matthews placed severed pig heads wearing costume police hats in the Omaha Police Officers Association parking lot.

Matthews was ticketed for obstruction and trespassing.

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