New Cedar Pedestrian Bridge To Light Up Night

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- The new pedestrian bridge connecting Czech Village and NewBo will be named the Alliant Energy LightLine. The bridge will feature lights on the rails and pylon, powered by the utility company. The bridge is part of the American Discovery Trail and part of the Great-American Rail-Trail.

The project will include plazas on both sides of the river with historic interpretive exhibits and gathering areas. The west side of the river will include a connection to the recreational amenities at Mt. Trashmore.

The plan calls for a wide deck which will split around the bridge pylon to create separate spaces for pedestrians and bicyclists. The project is currently in the engineering phase, with design intended to honor the bridge’s location at the former CRANDIC railroad bridge and industrial history of the area. Construction will begin in 2023, with completion of the bridge scheduled for 2024. 

“We look forward to the bridge that will not only connect two vibrant destinations, but will also add recreational amenities along the riverfront. This project demonstrates the best of Cedar Rapids by providing valuable quality of life elements through partnerships with private businesses and community groups,” said Cedar Rapids City Manager Jeff Pomeranz.

The bridge is the largest public/private partnership in Cedar Rapids and includes a Cedar Lake revitalization effort. The ConnectCR project includes over $8 million in private funds including $1 million donated by Alliant Energy.

“We’d like to thank Alliant Energy and all our donors for supporting ConnectCR and helping make the dream of a pedestrian bridge a reality,” said Mike McGrath, ConnectCR Board President. “This new bridge will light up a dark corner of our city, provide safe passage for the many who use the trail system, and also become a recreation destination for tourists. We’re excited to see what all this bridge brings to our community.”

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