Why do you think Glenn Youngkin won Virginia?

Glenn Youngkin Campaign Holds Election Night Event

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They sent all their big guns to Virginia, but despite Obama, Biden and Harris all showing up, it was the Republican Glenn Youngkin who emerged victorious and frankly it wasn't all that close.

Personally speaking I think the result was very predictable because when you tell parents their voice don't matter in regards to their kids' education, you tend to piss them off. My feelings on this would seem to be backed up by this remarkable exit poll (below).

I'm actually surprised to be honest that 3% of Youngkin's voters thought that "Not much/not at all" was the right answer here!

Democrats threw everything at this. The big names and then the name calling of Youngkin and then in the aftermath, tweets like this one from Jemele Hill.

Please Jemele - please saying a lot of stuff like this all the way through 2024 and beyond. Non racist people love being called racists.

We cannot forget President Trump either. He certainly made his presence felt in Virginia and frankly Terry McAuliffe spent the vast majority of his campaign running against trump until he clearly got back some bad polling and then he said something like I'm not running against Trump.

Kinda funny

The bottom line here is this was a great night for Republicans and a terrible night for Democrats.

Why do you think Glenn Youngkin won Virginia?

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