Northeast Iowa Woman Named Top New Airbnb Host

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(McGregor, IA) -- An Airbnb in northeast Iowa is attracting people from across the country.

The A-Frame in the Woods is a few minutes from McGregor on the Wisconsin border and features a lofted bedroom, detached garage and a full kitchen for about $95/night.

"I would say [its] at least 15 states that we've had people stay," says host Candi Johnson. "[They're] just wanting to get that little small town community."

Johnson started as an Airbnb host at the beginning of 2021 and has been named the #1 Top New Host in Iowa.

"I have no experience in hospitality," says Johnson. "I've always been the one that loves to host the parties. I love showing hospitality."

Johnson says about 80% of people that check-in are couples, but she's had hunters stay as well.

She says the city has approved her to build three more units.

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