Simon: Are you concerned that Dems will pack the Supreme Court?

Supreme Court Back To Hearing In Person Arguments After 18 Months Due To Pandemic

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Given the nature of this Administration, it's actually kind of appropriate that The Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court voted unanimously yesterday to approve it's final report which takes "no position" on court packing.

Maybe it's me, but I thought the point was to come up with a conclusion.

But here we are. Nine months of meetings and hearings; 44 witnesses; a 288 page report; really a LOT of Dollars and the 34 members of the Commission agreed unanimously that they would take no position on whether the Supreme Court of the United States should be packed for politics!

You just can't make this stuff up.

There were no specific recommendations, but they did present a list of the arguments both for and against the various reforms that have been called for including court packing, term limits and changes to court practices.

"Given the size and nature of the Commission and the complexity of the issues addressed, individual members of the Commission would have written the Report with different emphases and approaches," the report's summary read. "But the Commission submits this Report today in the belief that it represents a fair and constructive treatment of the complex and often highly controversial issues it was charged with examining."

This of course throws the ball right back at Biden. Will he act? Are you concerned that he will try and pack the Supreme Court?

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