Nebraska close to new one-day tornado record, and counting

Tornado Destroying Barn

Photo: Getty Images

(Omaha, NE) -- The number of tornadoes in that high wind derecho storm last week, on December 15, keeps going up.

"27 now for the entire state of Nebraska, and we're still working on more possibilities, so we expect that number to inch up a little bit."

National Weather Service Meteorologist Taylor Nickolaison tells KFAB Radio News.

He says we're very close to the all-time, one-day tornado record for the State of Nebraska.

"The all-time record is 29, and we're inching close to that." He says.

Iowa does have a new one-day tornado record, at 43, and it is possible that number will go higher, as well.

The derecho wind storm that brought those tornadoes on December 15 is itself a record-breaking storm. It is the first ever derecho in the United States in the month of December.

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