Taxpayers Could See IRS Delays and Extra Paperwork Required This Year

Form 1040 With Tax Check and Money

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AMES, Iowa -- The Internal Revenue Service is telling taxpayers to expect delays as this year's tax filing season gets started.

"There are about six-million returns that haven't been processed from 2020. It's going to be tough if you're trying to get hold of anybody at the IRS, if you're going to get anything resolved," says

Kristine Tidgren, director of Iowa State University's Center for Agriculture Law and Taxation.

She also says people will need to bring in more paperwork as they file their taxes this year.

"People who have children--they would have received a letter from the IRS called a Letter 6419, and that's brand new this year. It's to deal with reconciling those Advance Child Tax Credit payments that they received throughout the year," Tidgren says.

She also says that Letter 6419 is not the only extra paperwork needed this year.

"There's another letter that should have come this month called the Letter 6475. That's to reconcile the COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments they received," Tidgren says.

Taxpayers have a few extra days to file those returns this year. The IRS says the tax filing deadline is Monday, April 18th.

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