Cedar Rapids Man Rescued from Silo after Cave-In

Photo: Cedar Rapids Fire Department

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- A Cedar Rapids man is safe after being trapped inside a corn silo Thursday.

First responders say a cavity below the man gave way and sucked him into the grain. He was buried in the corn up to his chest.

Cedar Rapids Firefighters were able to save the man with the help from some vacuum trucks. The firefighters cut a hole in the side of the silo, and used the vacuums to move corn out from underneath the man.

"Making this rescue even more treacherous was the way the corn caved-in on the victim. One side stayed higher than the other and threatened to engulf the victim. Firefighters had to employ these specialized tools and an exceptional level of finesse in performing the rescue," a CRFD spokesman tells Iowa's News Now.

The man is now in the hospital for treatment.

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