Women's Bridge of Achievement to Glow Green to Honor Des Moines Sister City

Photo: BarbaraLM on Wili Commons

(Des Moines, IA) -- The Women's Bridge of Achievement in downtown Des Moines is lighting up green on Wednesday, May 4th to honor its Sister City, Kofu, Japan.

"This is a big month in Japan. They call it the month of the green leaves. They have several days this week that they're celebrating. One of those days is called the Greenery Day to thank that spring is here," says Roger Nowadzky, Chair of the Greater Des Moines Sister Cities Commission.

Yamanashi and Iowa became Sister States in 1960. Since then, the state's capital cities, Des Moines and Kofu, continue to build a special relationship

Nowadzky says Kofu and Des Moines exchange funds and sent PPE to each other during the pandemic.

"We've had some really nice discussions and helped each other after the coronavirus pandemic, so we're celebrating a new birth of everything with springtime," says Nowadzky. "So, that's why we're lighting the Women's Bridge of Achievement."

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