Iowans Have Less Than A Year To Get REAL ID

ANKENY, Iowa -- Iowans have a less than a year to get a gold-starred REAL ID--an enhanced form of identification issued by the state's Department of Transportation.

The DOT says there's some extra paperwork involved in getting that REAL ID.

"Bring documents that prove your identity, social security number, two proofs of Iowa residency, and proof of legal name changes--after marriage or divorce--if your name is different from the name on your identity document" says Darcy Doty with the Iowa Department of Transportation.

She says most Iowans getting the Real ID's gold star added to their drivers licenses only have to go though the process once as it will be included when licenses are renewed.

The Iowa DOT says after May 3rd, 2023 a REAL ID must be shown for entrance into federal buildings, and will also make it easier to get through the TSA security process for domestic airline flights.

"I think Iowans will feel that it's easier to get a gold star and just have that instead of having to carry around some of those specific identity documents (to show at the TSA screening) that maybe you don't want to travel with," Doty says.

She says lots of Iowans have gotten their REAL IDs so far.

"Sixty percent of Iowans currently have adopted a REAL ID . We're really pleased and proud of that number--over half of Iowans have chosen to do that," Doty says.

The Iowa DOT says people whose drivers license or ID is not up for renewal and need a REAL ID marked card can bring the necessary documents and get that marking for the $10 cost of a replacement card.

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