Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Signs Three Bills into Law

Photo: Keegan Turnbough

(Des Moines, IA) -- Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signs three bills into law.

House File 2200 requires healthcare providers to give patients an explanation of charges for direct care, detailing the patient's responsibility before submitting a bill to the insurance provider.

Senate File 2363 allows sex offenders to be removed from the state's registry if they have completed sex offender treatment programs and are deemed to be a low risk to reoffend. The state of Iowa uses risk assessments to determine if an offender has a low risk to reoffend.

The new law contains several stipulations regarding the amount of time sex offenders need to have served based on the tier of the offense. A first tier offender needs to have spent at least 5 years on the registry and at least 15 years for a second or third tier offender.

In addition, the sex offender must not have any other outstanding crimes when applying to be removed from the registry.

Senate File 586 allows civil penalties to be applied to banks.

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