65-85 MPH wall of dust plows through parts of NE, NW Iowa, SD.

(Undated) — A wall of dust in South Central Nebraska damages buildings and blows semis off I-80, then combines with powerful storms as it moves into South Dakota and Northwestern Iowa.

The National Weather Service reported zero visibility for drivers on the interstate at both Aurora and York,Nebraska when the black wall of dust hit, and issued a Dust Storm Warning with winds up to 85 mile an hour.

Later Thursday night, as the dust blew northeast and was picked up by powerful thunderstorms the National Weather Service reported dirt in some of the rain that fell across Eastern Nebraska, Northwest Iowa, and South Dakota.

The first wave of those thunderstorms had 70 mile an hour winds.

Significant damage is reported in Sioix Falls, South Dakota and emergency managers asked people to stay out while they assessed the damage.

(Picture from Nebraska Department of Transportation)

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