Waukee Fire Department Pancake Breakfast

(Waukee, IA) -- The Waukee Fire Department is holding a pancake breakfast to raise funds for the Waukee Firefighters Association. Fire Chief Clint Robinson says association helps provide equipment and fire safety initiatives that the city budget doesn't cover for the year. The event will have a bounce house for the kids too. The event is Saturday, May 14 from 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. This will be the first time the fire department has been able to hold the fund raiser in two years.

In an earlier report on April 26, 2022:

(Waukee, IA) -- Waukee is growing rapidly and first responders are making moves to accommodate that growth. Waukee is planning to build a new public safety building for its police department and the city's 2nd fire station to accommodate the town's growth. Fire Chief Clint Robinson says the new fire station will be west of the new high school on T Avenue. Robinson says the city plans to double its fire staff by 2023 to be ready for the new station in 2024. He says a new fire truck is already scheduled to come in regardless of the new station.

Waukee Fire Chief Clint Robinson

Police Chief John Quinn says Waukee will also be investing in upgrading the police department's body, car and traffic camera systems this year. He says the police station is investing in upgrading its body, car and street camera programs this year. Waukee reportedly gains about six new residents a day and currently has a population of nearly 27,000 people.

Police Chief John Quinn

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