Three Teens Hospitalized after Shooting at Eastside Des Moines Park

Photo: Keegan Turnbough

(Des Moines, Iowa) -- Three teenagers are in the hospital after a shooting at Martin Luther King Junior Park on Des Moines' east side.

Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek says at least four shots were fired at the park around 2:30 pm Tuesday afternoon.

"There was a large fight in the parking lot," says Parizek. "One person produced a gun and started to shoot. The group separated into two. A second person had a handgun and returned fire."

Parizek tells WHO Radio News the three teenagers will survive their injuries. He says the department has good leads on suspects thanks to eye witnesses and surveillance video.

"We've got some pretty good evidence that tells us what happened and who is involved. So, it's just a matter of nailing those details down, seeing if we can locate those folks as soon as possible," says Parizek.

Des Moines Police are receiving calls, asking if the city's parks are safe. Parizek says there is no ongoing threat to the public.

"These types of incidents are very rare. It's a very good indicator that our parks are safe," says Parizek. "Now, when people show up with guns and violence, that's not safe. That's who we're looking for right now."

The Des Moines Police Department has not yet released information on the suspects or the teenagers hospitalized.

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