Iowa School Choice Bill Likely Dead for the Year

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It appears Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds' school choice plan is dead for the year.

"When it comes to the school choice bill that the governor proposed, it doesn't look like we're going to to be able to put together the votes in the House to pass that. Obviously we want to continue to work with the governor to get something achieved--that's been a big priority of hers. Moving toward next session, we'll work on that in the off-season," says Republican House Speaker Pat Grassley.

Reynolds' school choice plan would have given 10,000 Iowa families access to about $55 million in taxpayer-funded scholarships to help pay for private school.

The measure passed the Iowa Senate in March, but for weeks has been unable to attract enough votes in the House.

Some Republican lawmakers who oppose the measure say families in their rural districts won't have access to private education even with the vouchers, and that public schools that are available will suffer with less state money.

Governor Reynolds has already endorsed at least one Republican House candidate running in the June 7th primary against an incumbent who doesn't back the school choice bill.

The 2022 session of the Iowa Legislature was scheduled to end April 19th, but disagreements between the House and Senate on school choice and some budget bills has delayed adjournment.

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