Omaha City Council Postpones Public Readings for North Omaha Development

(Omaha, NE) -- Public hearings on approving a redevelopment agreement between the city of Omaha and Harrison at Saddle Creek have been postponed for the Memorial Day Weekend.

The first reading of the proposed plan was supposed to happen at Omaha's City Council meeting on Tuesday the 24th, But City Council President, Pete Festerson, says it will be held in a couple of weeks to avoid the interruption of the holiday weekend ahead.

The proposed plan would include about 160 unit multifamily units, more than 7000 square feet of retail space for entertainment, a commitment to reimburse costs to relocate sewers, and more public improvements.

The next public reading will be held at the Omaha City Council Meeting June 7th, and a third will be held June 14th.

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