Ames Fire Rescues Stranded Kayaker

Photo: Ames Fire Department

The Ames Fire Department responded to North River Valley Park at 5:50 p.m. on Friday for a kayaker who had become stranded in the South Skunk River.

The kayaker had capsized in the rapids at the low head dam site and lost her paddle. She made her way to a rock ridge in the center of the waterway; however she had no way to get to her kayak and cross the river.

Rescue crews were able to get a rope to the woman and firefighters entered the water in an inflatable water rescue craft to reach the kayaker. They were able to maneuver to her and ferry her safely to shore. The crew then returned to the water to free the kayak, which had become wedged in the rock rapids. After freeing the kayak, it floated downstream where it was retrieved by the kayaker’s partner and both the kayak and the second kayaker returned to shore.

The woman kayaker who capsized was wearing a life jacket and she was uninjured in the accident.

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