New Nebraska License Plate Design Unveiled

The design of the new Nebraska plate features one of the floor mosaics on the foyer between the vestibule and rotunda in the Nebraska State Capitol building, which were designed by famed 20th Century muralist Hildreth Meière.

The "International Hildreth Meiere Association" website says: "At the threshold of the foyer is a floor panel depicting the Genius of Creative Energy, Meière’s first full-blown Art Deco design at the capitol.1 (Iconographer Hartley Burr) Alexander specified that Meière was to depict the Genius of Creative Energy with “lightnings ruling the four elements.” In his right hand, the Genius brandishes a lightning bolt. Grasping the reins of a powerful unseen force with his left hand, he is propelled across the lightning-charged sky."

New Nebraska license plates by law must be issued every six years.

(Picture from Nebraska State Government)

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