Plenty Of Hotspots Remain After Southeast Omaha Three Alarmer

Firefighters in the early Tuesday morning hours continued to pour water on rubble from a three alarm fire south of downtown Omaha that is now under control as an investigation starts up.

The fire at the "Nox Crete" chemical company near 20th and Woolworth Ave. sent smoke drifting across southeast and downtown Omaha with fire and a plume of smoke that could be seen for miles, causing some evacuations of residents in the area.

The evacuees are back in their homes, and the fire has been downgraded from a three to a two alarmer.

The fire department says around seven Monday evening, an engine company originally went to the scene on an automatic fire detection alarm.

Eventually, three alarms were called, and fire eventually broke through the roof causing the walls to become structurally unstable.

(Picture from Omaha Fire)

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