Iowa DOT Asking for Input on Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan

Photo: Getty Images

(Ames, IA) -- The Iowa Department of Transportation is asking for public input on joining a national electric vehicle charging network along major transportation corridors.

Iowa DOT is expecting to receive around $51.4 million in federal funds to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Before receiving the funds, the state needs to submit a plan by August 1st. The funds would come through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act over the next five years.

A release from the Iowa DOT states the following:

"The state of Iowa has been a leader in embracing new opportunities in clean energy technology to benefit its residents, economy and the environment. Renewable energy production continues to grow while more citizens, businesses and visitors desire to power their vehicles sustainably. As technology continues to evolve, more challenges and opportunities will present themselves, and the state will continue to respond to the ever-changing environment as a leader in renewable energy production."

Those looking to participate in the survey have until June 24th, 2022, in order for the Iowa DOT and its partners to consider the comments in developing the infrastructure plan.

A link to an overview of the EV plan can be found here. The survey can be accessed here.

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