Iowa Business Leaders Promote Global Trade at D.C. Conference

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Washington, D.C. -- Iowa business leaders are in Washington D.C. this week promoting global trade.

"We're at the $24 to $25 billion mark as for as what Iowa sends overseas, so we are really dependent upon open markets overseas--keeping them open, but also a stable environment in which to conduct business," says Daryl Bouwkamp, Senior Director of International Business Development and Government Affairs for the Vermeer Cooperation in Pella.

He's among those attending the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition's Global Impact Forum along with with hundreds of other business, military, government, non-profit, and faith leaders from across the country.

Bouwkamp says they're promoting the state's position in global trade beyond grain and livestock exports.

"(Iowa is) an equipment manufacturer, we play in the mining market, the utility installation market, forestry, recycling, agriculture--we ship a lot of equipment around the world. We really depend upon the United States to lead the way in promoting and protecting a rules-based environment," Bouwkamp says.

He says ongoing supply chain issues that continue to have big effect on business--especially manufacturing--are a top forum agenda item.

"Constant challenges. My hat's off every day to Vermeer's procurement groups and our manufacturing folks--they are putting out daily fires to try and get materials in, to put parts in front of our people, to build the equipment that our customers want," Bouwkamp says.

He says Global Impact Forum is also urging Congress to fully fund the International Affairs Budget.

They say U.S. international engagement is essential to combatting disease and viruses, fighting hunger, and addressing economic and supply chain problems – all issues affecting Americans at home.

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