Ames Prepares For Minor Flooding Potential

Soper's MillPhoto: Story County Conservation

(Ames, IA) -- Heavy rain overnight in Story, Boone, Hamilton, and Hardin counties has elevated the levels of local creeks and rivers.

The National Weather Service says those four counties received between two and four inches of rain, with Story City receiving 4.6 inches.

The City of Ames is preparing for minor flooding along the Skunk River and Ioway Creek. Some areas of Ames that could be impacted include SE 16th Street and South Dayton Avenue, as well as low-lying areas of Brookside Park.

A flood warning is in effect for the South Skunk River near Highway 30 in Ames until 7:18 tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

The National Weather Service says the area should remain dry over the next few days, which will reduce the flood threat.

Story County Conservation has posted this photo on social media of the Soper's Mill lower parking lot, which is closed. The West Peterson Park parking lot is also closed due to high water levels and impassable lot conditions.

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