Omaha Police cracking down on illegal street racing

(Omaha, NE) -- The Omaha Police Depart says it is cracking down on illegal street racing taking place in Omaha.

OPD says street racing and the reckless driving that is associated with it has increased since the pandemic began in Omaha, as well as nationwide. The police department says as a result the Uniform Patrol Bureau, with the assistance of the Traffic Unit and the Criminal Investigations Bureau, conducted surveillance and enforcement operations to combat street racing activities. Investigators say the department utilized surveillance techniques and other investigative techniques to identify 18 individuals displaying exhibition of speed, 13 individuals who participated in reckless driving and another 60 individuals who entered closed property parking lots to congregate and watch the illegal street racing.

OPD says over the next several weeks, they will be contacting the identified perpetrators to issue them citations for their involvement.

The Omaha Police Department will continue the operations into the summer months and would like to encourage anyone who observes groups of individuals congregating in closed parking lots or participating in illegal street racing and reckless driving to report the dangerous activity by dialing 911.

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