Iowans Still Able to File for Unemployment Online

Photo: Iowa Workforce Development

(Des Moines, IA) -- The Iowa Workforce Development website is still online.

Unlike many other states that are totally off-line this week, only one part of the Iowa website is down. That is the job search website, Iowa Works dot org.

The rest of the Workforce Development website is up and running, and Iowans can still apply for weekly unemployment benefits online here.

Only the website's job search feature has not been operational since Monday. Unemployment benefit seekers are asked to keep a written list of jobs they apply for and the dates they apply, in case they're asked later for the information.

Workforce Development says unemployment checks are still getting out on time.

Iowa Workforce Development confirms to our newsroom that the company that hosts its unemployment website, Geographic Solutions, Inc. says a cyberattack is responsible. Unemployment websites in several states are having similar problems.

Photo from Iowa Workforce Development.

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