Sweet Corn Festival at the State Capitol

Today was the annual Sweet Corn Festival held on the grounds of Iowa’s beautiful State Capitol!

Photo: Grace Long

The celebration of this Iowan delicacy each year is set to mark the beginning of the sweet corn being ready to be picked and make its way into consumers’ homes. This year, the corn served was picked in the Grimes community and donated by Hy-Vee. Our friends at Titan Tire came to cook and serve it for all passersby.

In the meantime throughout The Big Show and lunch hour, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig and the some of the crew at the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship joined us. Naig discussed on air with Bob Quinn today various important topics including things Naig has been busy with, the Weights and Measures team doing their job with checking gas pumps and scales, and of course sweet corn with its later springing this year. This event is exciting for all members of the Iowa Congress as some even stepped outside to join us for a tasty bite. Be sure to be on the lookout at your local grocery stores and farmer’s markets for some fresh sweet corn!  

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