Rock Island Community Block Grant set to Bring Millions to the Community

Photo: Arrollado, Jean (uploader)

(Rock Island, IL) -- The Rock Island Community Block Grant is expecting to bring more than $2 million dollars to the community over the next year.

Rock island City Council held a session Monday night to discuss the 2022 Annual Action Plan for the CDBG.

The CDBG is federal funds set to help improve housing and economic opportunities for low to moderate income people in Rock Island.

The following is a breakdown of those funds:

  • Job creation: $533,116
  • Housing rehabilitation program: $522,109
  • Public infrastructure: $323,219
  • Program administration: $213,767
  • Housing rehabilitation service delivery: $199,341
  • Public service: $162,335
  • Demolition: $134,682

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