Central Omaha Library Plan Before City Council

After a public hearing at it's Tuesday regular weekly meeting, the Omaha City Council is scheduled to vote at next week's meeting on a proposal to build a new central library.

The city is committing 20-million-dollars to the proposed building, which would be at 72nd and Dodge Streets.

In speaking of that location, "HDR's" Tom Trenolone told the council, "the one thing we do know about 72nd and Dodge is when you want to get a point across, or you want to celebrate something, for some reason or another, this site has a strange hold on our community, and we tend to show up there."

"HDR" is a lead architect for the project.

The nonprofit "Heritage Omaha" plans to raise another 120-million-dollars towards the project, and construction could start as soon as next summer.

(Picture from Getty Images)

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