Des Moines Man At U.S. Capitol January 6th Wants Trial Moved

Photo: Polk County Iowa Jail

Doug Jensen, the Des Moines man seen at the front of the pack inside the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021, wants his September trial moved back.

A motion filed late Monday afternoon by Jensen's attorney wants the September 19 trial moved back to the early part of 2023. His attorney says Jensen is prepared to waive his time under the Speedy Trial Act until the end of February 2023 to "obtain a less politically charged jury pool."

The defense motion says the ongoing publicity from the House Select Committee Hearings and the fact that the committee will release its final report at the end of the year are two reasons that will fan the flames of individuals' personal opinions and biases in a jury pool.

Further, the motion cites the midterm elections will "only polarize and inflame the populace."

If a judge does not grant the move to February 2023, the defense instead asks for the trial to be moved to October 24, 2022, saying Jensen's attorney will be in a federal homicide trial.

The motion acknowledges the government opposes continuing the trial to a later date but says if a continuance is necessary to accommodate a scheduling conflict, the government asks it be scheduled on the earliest available date.

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