Iowa Democrats Up In The Air On 2024 First In Nation Voting Status

DEMOCRATIC PARTY FLAG with DONKEY as its' SYMBOL laying on an American Flag.

Photo: Getty Images

Iowa Democrats won't know until after November's elections if their 2024 presidential caucuses will be first-in-the nation.

The Democratic National Committee says it's putting off a decision on primaries and caucuses until after this year's midterms. Iowa and New Hampshire were among 16 states that made their case to the D-N-C earlier this year why they should continue to be first to make their presidential selections. But, the Democratic Party delayed a decision on potentially reordering its primary calendar for the 2024 presidential election until after November's midterm elections.

The Democratic National Committee's rules committee had planned to decide during meetings in Washington beginning next week whether to recommend that presidential voting should continue to begin with Iowa and New Hampshire. That's amid calls by some party leaders and activists that more diverse states, including the current No. 3 and No. 4, Nevada and South Carolina, should move up.

Iowa Democrats made their pitch to the national party to stay first in the nation for the presidential nominating process back in June.

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