Montreal Food Prices

Bob Quinn is currently on a Holiday Vacation trip with The Big Show listeners! They are touring Canada in provinces from Montreal to Halifax. In Montreal, they recently stopped at a convenience store to check out food prices. For money equivalencies, one Canadian dollar is equal to 78 cents in American money. Below we will have photos of prices with the approximate American conversion for comparison!

In this photo, hot dogs are $4.79 in Canadian dollars; translating that price to the American equivalency, hot dogs are $3.74. A dozen eggs, according to the price given in this photo, would be $3.89.

Another difference to note between American grocery store finding and Canadian is the measurements. In Canada, it is most common to find measurements of (kilo)grams and (milli)liters on packaging.

Here are more examples of products, their prices, and their measurements from this convenience store located in Montreal!

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