Iowa Turf Expert Offers Advice On Dry Lawns

sprinkler of automatic watering

Photo: Getty Images

(Ames, IA) -- A lot of lawns across the state of Iowa have gone dormant due to the hot, dry conditions. Normally green Kentucky Bluegrass is now yellowish brown and crunches under foot. Iowa State University Horticulture Professor Nick Christians says Kentucky Bluegrass is very hearty, because of it's root system and will bounce back in September or whenever Iowa receives significant rain again. He says in the meantime, if you wish to water your lawn to maintain it's green color, it's a commitment. He says allowing the lawn to cycle in and out of dormancy is hard on the turf and could lead to damage.

He says if homeowners need to reseed they can do so starting August 15th, but they'll need to water to get the seeds to sprout and take hold.

Weeds, including crag grass, thrive in hot, dry conditions. Christians says there are herbicides that can be used in the summer crabgrass and some of the broadleaves. Otherwise, he says an application in mid-October is an ideal time for an application to kill of a lot of broadleaf weeds.

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