Program to Help Lancaster County Youth Quit Vaping is Now Active

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(Lincoln, NE) -- A text message-based program is now available to help teenagers and young adults quit vaping.

Tobacco Free Lancaster County (TFLC) and Truth Initiative launched the "This is Quitting" program Thursday, August 4th. It will provide advice, coping strategies, and social support to help youth stop using e-cigarettes.

"This is Quitting is meeting a need for hundreds of thousands of young people through a channel they’re comfortable with and use every day," says Dr. Amanda Graham, Chief of Innovations at Truth Initiative, in a press release. "Many young people now want to quit more than ever, and This is Quitting can help them get support quickly, discreetly and anonymously, wherever they are."

According to data from the 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey, nearly 20% of high school students use e-cigarettes. Further, of those that use, Lincoln Public Schools is working with TFLC to try to curb the trend in Lancaster County high schools.

"TFLC has partnered with Lincoln Public Schools to develop engaging messaging about this great resource to share where youth are daily: school, recreation centers, and community organizations," said Sophia Yelkin, Health Educator at Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

Those looking to quit vaping can text GHOSTVAPE to 88709. More information on "This is Quitting" can be found by contacting TFLC at or 402-441-8045.

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