United Way of the Midlands Grants $82,000 to Boys Town Programs

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(Boys Town, NE) -- United Way of the Midlands is giving $82,000 to Boys Town programs in Nebraska and Iowa.

"We are very grateful for the support United Way of the Midlands continues to provide Boys Town," says Father Steven Boes in a press release, Boys Town President and National Executive Director. "This grant allows us to continue helping families in need of important services."

The Boys Town Omaha School Collaborative: LIFT Together Program is receiving $50,000 and the Boys Town Iowa Providing Crisis Intervention & Family Strengthening Services Program is getting $32,000. The Boys Town programs offer services to help families keep their children safe, in school, and productive in their communities.

Amy Carson Thompson is a Boys Town consultant in Iowa. She talks about one of the Iowans influenced by the program.

"One young boy, had literally nowhere to live and no support system to address his growing anxiety. It was a desperate situation," said Thompson. In time, the boy found a safe home and learned how to cope. "The child is outgoing and cheerful, now living with his grandparents and cousins."

Boys Town School Support Specialist Cristina Diaz speaks on a different case in Omaha. Diaz says the child was refusing to follow instructions from teachers and was talking back, lacking self-control. After working with the student one-on-one, offering constructive feedback, and pouring into the student's life, Diaz says she witnessed a child find themselves.

"She was diligent in making a change and worked very hard to be the best version of her. She showed tremendous growth and it was beautiful to see the young woman emerge that those around her could see all along. She began to walk out her journey as a leader and I am so excited to see what she does in the future!" says Diaz.

Nearly 500,000 children were influenced by Boys Town programs nationwide in 2021 alone.

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