West Nile Virus reported in Dodge County

(Fremont, NE) -- West Nile Virus is reported in Dodge County, Nebraska.

On Thursday, Three Rivers Public Health Department announced that the district’s first positive report was from a mosquito pool in Fremont. Three Rivers Public Health Department says the best thing the public can do to protect themselves from West Nile Virus is to avoid mosquitoes.

The Health Department says people can reduce their risk by:

  • Using a repellant that contains DEET
  • Wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, shoes, and socks
  • Taking extra precautions when going outdoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active
  • Removing standing water where mosquitoes breed

Three Rivers says most people who are infected have no symptoms or only mild flu-like symptoms. Less than 1% of people infected with West Nile Virus become severely ill. However, people over 50 and those with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable to the disease and are more likely to experience serious consequences.

Free mosquito wipes and mosquito dunks are available to residents of Dodge, Washington, and Saunders County. Mosquito wipes and mosquito dunks can be picked up at Three Rivers Public Health Department located at 2400 N. Lincoln Ave, Fremont, NE 68025.

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