Papio NRD Reminds Public the Bellevue Loop Trail is Closed Through October

Photo: Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District

(Bellevue, NE) -- The Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District and the City of Bellevue are reminding the public the Bellevue Loop Trail is closed. The reminder follows reports of tampering near the trail access points, involving the moving of barricades and warning signs.

"It's still an active construction site," says Jennifer Stauss Story, the Public Relations/Education Programs Manager for Papio NRD. "We want to make sure that trail users are not using the trail and not removing barricades or any other warning signs because they are definitely there for a purpose."

Story says the barricade and warning sign tampering has not affected construction progress.

"It's all in the name of public safety and it will be reopening, hopefully in October," says Story. "We are inching closer and we know that everyone is eager. We completely understand that, but we just do ask that people follow the warning signs and wait until the trail is officially open."

Story says the Bellevue Police Department is now monitoring trail access points for potential future tampering. The Bellevue Loop Trail is closed for levee improvements and general trail work.

The press release from Papio NRD can be found here.

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