Ankeny Police Department Unveils Traffic Unit To Makes Roads Safer

Photo: City of Ankeny

(Ankeny, IA) -- The Ankeny Police Department unveils a new Traffic Unit, with the goal of making Ankeny roads safer.

"The Traffic Unit was established here a short time ago and the goals are traffic enforcement, they're going to do special events coordination, help out with school bus violations, and different hit and run accident investigations," says Ankeny Police Sgt. Corey Schneden.

Sgt. Schneden says two officers will be handling those investigations. "And then any citizen complaints or where we get tips of problem traffic areas people can submit that online using our form and then they will try to go up and set up and try to mitigate any issues they're having in those areas of town," says Sgt. Schneden.

The form to report traffic violations is available here.

Learn more about the Ankeny Police Department Traffic Unit at

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