Ankeny Implements 15 MPH School Zones In Select Areas

School children cross the street with crossing guard

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(Ankeny, IA) -- The City of Ankeny is implementing special school zone speed limits as the new school year gets underway. The changes were prompted by a walkability study, and approved by the City Council in June. Ankeny Traffic Engineer Leslie Hart says the changes were prompted by parents who cited concerns about their children walking to and from school safely. The lower speed limits will be in effect 30-minutes before school and 30-minutes after school and drivers are required to comply with the cross guards.

School Zone Speed Limits

The special school zone speed limit hours are designated with pre-scheduled flashing beacons at the following locations.


25 mile-per-hour school zones:

·        NW Irvinedale Drive near NW 13th Street

·        W First Street near Northwest Elementary School

·        SE Magazine Road near SE Trilein Drive


15 mile-per-hour school zones:

·        NE Trilein Drive near Northeast Elementary School

·        NW Abilene Road near Rock Creek Elementary School

·        NW 9th Street near Westwood Elementary School

·        SW Polk City Drive near SW Applewood Street


The following locations also have 15 mile-per-hour school zones.  

  • SE Trilein Drive near East Elementary School
  • SE Trilein Drive near Southeast Elementary School
  • SW College Avenue near Prairie Trail Elementary School


Part-time roll-out or flip-down STOP signs will no longer be used at school crosswalks.


School Zone Parking Restrictions

Motorists will also notice new school zone parking restrictions on school days near most elementary schools. Parking, stopping or standing, as well as loading or unloading passengers, are not allowed in any ‘no parking’ area in the City.


New School Crosswalks

The new signed and marked school crosswalks have been relocated to where the crossing guard will be located to assist students at these schools:


  • Northeast Elementary School – A new crosswalk south of NE 16th Street replaces the former crossing at NE 15th Street.
  • East Elementary School – A new crosswalk at SE 2nd Street replaces the former crossing at SE 3rd Street.
  • Southeast Elementary School – The new crosswalk at SE 11th Street replaces the former crossing at SE 10th Street.


The 2022 Elementary School Walkability Study can be found online at:

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