Madison County Seeking Donations For Disaster Relief Fund

Photo: National Weather Service

Madison County continues to recover from the March 5th tornado. Madison County Development Group Executive Director Tom Leners tells WHO Radio News, they developed the Disaster Relief Fund March 6th:

"The day after the storm, we knew that there were a lot of folks who lost everything and so we had a call from the Community Foundation and started coordinating on things right away Sunday morning."

The Madison County Development Group put in $2000 and the Madison County Community Group put in $5000 to get things started. The money would continue to grow through many more donations--mainly from Iowans, but Leners says they also received donations from residents of Joplin, Missouri, who were rocked by an EF-5 tornado on May 22, 2011.

Leners reported to the Winterset City Council, the Madison County Development Group has approved 64 disaster recovery grants so far totaling just over $400,0000 dollars. But there's still a long list of Madison County residents in need of help because they lost everything in the storm. That includes farmers who lost fences, crops, and livestock as well as homeowners and business owners who lost outbuildings and inventory from the twister..

If you would like to help, you can donate by going to this website: You'll receive a thank you letter from Madison County--and your donation is tax-deductible.

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