LPD arrest suspect after officer was knocked down, injured by motorcyclist

Photo: Lincoln Police Department

(Lincoln, NE) -- An arrest is made in connection to an assault on a Lincoln Police officer.

Lincoln Police say around 12:30 the morning of August 11th, officers spotted a green, "racing style motorcycle" with green under-glow lights at 14th & O Streets that had been seen on multiple occasions driving, "extremely recklessly" through the downtown area. Police say the motorcycle continued northbound on Centennial mall, and driving up onto the west side sidewalk of Centennial Mall Park between P and Q streets.

Investigators say at that same time, two LPD bike patrol officers were southbound on that same sidewalk. LPD says the motorcycle initially slowed, turned the handlebars as if to try and go around the officers then rapidly accelerated towards the officers. Police say the motorcycle then hit one of the officers, knocking him to the ground. The motorcycle then fled eastbound on P Street at a high rate of speed.

Lincoln Police say the officer sustained injuries to his left hand, leg, and shoulder.

Investigators say 19 year old Alexander Nelson was arrested Friday morning in connection with the case. Police say the motorcycle has also been recovered. LPD says the bike had been spray-painted and sold to another person in an effort to conceal it. Nelson was cited for 2nd Degree Assault on an Officer, Use of a Deadly Weapon to Commit a Felony, Operate a Motor Vehicle to Avoid Arrest, and Tamper with Physical Evidence.

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