Ames PD Report Good & Not So Good Weekend Before Classes

New Students at Destination Iowa State CelebrationPhoto: Iowa State University

(Ames, IA) -- Ames Police say they saw some positive signs the weekend before today's start of the fall semester. The weekend before the start of classes has in the past been marred by excessive drinking, nuisance party violations, and multiple problems with parking enforcement.

This year, Iowa State launched a new program called Cyclone Welcome Weekend in an effort to encourage positive, official events. New and returning students could participate in a number of activities including a pancake feed, Goat calisthenics, BINGO, and a barbeque. Police say despite the rainy weather, participation was strong. Police say, however, there were still very high numbers of people who came from out of town and were not ISU students.

Police towed 32-vehicles, police say that was better than in years past. Police also issued three citations for Nuisance Party violations with the enhanced penalty.

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