Iowa Man Rescued From Grain Bin

Photo: Moravia Fire and Rescue

(Appanoose County, IA) -- A man is recovering after becoming trapped in a grain bin in southern Iowa. First responders in Appanoose County rescued the 58-year old man yesterday (Monday) from a grain bin in the 23000-Block of Highway J18 in rural Moravia, Iowa.

Moravia Fire and Rescue says people on scene got a rope around the man's body and used a sheet of teen to help block some of the grain.

First responders used a grain bin rescue tube to protect the victim while soybeans in the bin were removed.

From Moravia Fire Rescue Facebook:

At the start of the rescue the bin was close to 3/4 full. Rescuers utilized the grain vac that was on site plus called a nearby farmer who brought another grain vac. Between the two vacs, triangles cuts, grain bin rescue equipment and man power the victim was freed and crawled out with assistance. The rescue took approximately 3 hours.

The man was flown to Mercy Des Moines in stable condition.

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