GOP Leaders React to DNC's Iowa Caucus Decision

With Iowa no longer being the first-in-the-nation choice for picking a Democratic presidential candidate, prominent Iowa Republicans are voicing their opposition. Governor Kim Reynolds criticized the decision by the Democratic National Committee on Twitter Friday, stating that, "Democrats have abandoned rural America and denied everyday Iowans a voice in the presidential nominating process."

Senator Chuck Grassley also posted to Twitter, saying the vote to "torpedo" Iowa's first in the nation status shows complete disregard for Iowa votes plus those of rural America.

Representative Ashley Hinson echoed Reynolds and Grassley's sentiments on Twitter Saturday. "Iowa should be first in the nation -- this isn't about party, it's about ensuring Iowans and rural Americans have a strong seat at the table and that we are heard," Hinson stated in a post.

The DNC will allow five states, South Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Michigan to obtain waivers to the primaries before March 2nd. Under the new measure, South Carolina will hold it's primary February 3rd, Nevada and New Hampshire on February 6th, Georgia on the 13th, and Michigan on the 27th.

No changes have been announced for Republicans, who expect to continue their first-in-the-nation caucus in 2024.

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