Salvation Army: 800 families still need adopting for gift program

(Omaha, NE) -- The Salvation Army of Omaha says it still has hundreds of families that need adopting ahead of Christmas this year for their Adopt A Family program.

The Salvation Army says they have a goal of adopting out all remaining families in need by Thursday, and are asking the Omaha metro community’s support to reach the finish line. "Record-high inflation has been hammering the budgets of families in need around the metro. This fall, more than 2,000 metro-area families in need signed up for Adopt A Family, an annual program that matches people in need with donors who provide gifts and a holiday meal to ensure that no one goes without at Christmas," the Salvation Army said in a release.

The Salvation Army says as of Monday morning, some 800 families in need enrolled in the Adopt A Family program are still waiting to be adopted. The Salvation Army says they must have all the enrolled families adopted by donor families by 5 P.M. Thursday, December 8th, in order to ensure their gifts are delivered in time for Christmas.

Adopting a family in need can be done via phone, text, or by going online. The Salvation Army says family sizes range from 2 people to 9 people, and the program’s gift guidelines are moderate—with total costs starting at around $60. Anyone adopting a family must

  1. Provide a toy or clothing for each child
  2. Provide a gift card for a family holiday meal
  3. Coordinate a time to deliver gifts to their assigned family before the holidays

Deliveries must be made by December 19th.

There are three ways to adopt a family in need for Christmas:

  • Call The Salvation Army’s phone bank – the phone bank number is 402-898-6050; it’s open from 8 AM to 6 PM
  • Text the word ‘ADOPT’ to 402-951-1045
  • Visit

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