Expert Comments On Precipitation in Nebraska This Week

The Director of the University of Nebraska "National Drought Mitigation Center" says rain and heavy snow this week in Nebraska have good timing.

"Statewide, except for some of the northern tier counties, the soils are not frozen yet," Doctor Mark Svoboda tells Newsradio 1110 KFAB. "So, this moisture that does fall, whether it be rain or snow, will work its way down into the profile before it does freeze up. That's pretty good news;"

Svoboda also says "you know when you look at December through February, that's the driest time of year for Nebraska, so anything we can get now is really going to help the situation come Spring, pre-planting."

But, Svoboda does say a litle bit of moisture is not going to knock out the drought conditions;

He says it will take good Spring rains with the drought entrenched into that time of year, no matter what happens now.

(Picture from Getty Images)

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