Assault Investigated At Lincoln Prison Facility

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services says an inmate at the Reception and Treatment Center in Lincoln assaulted a staff member, resulting in a serious injury.

The incident happened this week inside a pantry office.

Corrections says the inmate was verbally aggressive to the staff person and punched him in the head.

The injured staff person used a burst of oleoresin capsicum, which accidentally hit a second staff person in the head and arm.

The second staffer managed to escort the inmate out of the office and made a call for help.

When additional staff members arrived, the inmate was controlled.  

The injured staff member went to the hospital for evaluation and treatment of his injuries.

The inmate and the second staff member were not injured.

Both were treated for their exposure to the OC.

An investigation has started;

Findings will be provided to the Lancaster County Attorney.

The department says the disciplinary process will be utilized with sanctions, such as loss of good time, applied according to the rules and regulations.

(Picture from Nebraska Corrections)

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