Nebraska Lottery Generates Record Amount for Beneficiary Funds

(Lincoln, NE) -- The Nebraska Lottery sets a record with the amount of money given to beneficiary funds.

Nebraska Lottery says a two-billion-dollar Powerball jackpot and the introduction of a new $30 Scratch product resulted in the largest amount of proceeds transferred to the Nebraska Lottery’s beneficiary funds since the Lottery was established in 1993. A total of $15,817,263, derived from a share of Scratch and Lotto ticket sales from the previous three months, was distributed the week of December 30th among the beneficiaries in the following manner:

  • Nebraska Education Improvement Fund: $7,038,682;
  • Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund: $7,038,682;
  • Nebraska State Fair Support and Improvement Fund: $1,581,726; and
  • Compulsive Gamblers Assistance Fund: $158,173.

The Nebraska Lottery says the latest transfer exceeded the previous record of $15,201,537 transferred in March 2021. A total of $908,917,159 in proceeds has been distributed since the Nebraska Lottery began operation on September 11, 1993.

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