Iowa DOT Asks "What Drives You" in New Traffic Safety Push

AMES, Iowa -- The Iowa Department of Transportation is changing it's "Zero Fatalities" traffic safety message.

"The numbers game didn't really resonate with people that zero fatality goal--while everybody wants that for your own family, it doesn't seem realistic for the state as a whole," says Iowa DOT Information Specialist Tracey Bramble.

She says their new "What Drives You" campaign is more personal.

"Whether that's your son waiting for you at day care, whether that's your grandfather waiting for you to pick him and take him to a doctor's appointment, or whether that's your dog waiting for you at the window, those are the types of messages--who's waiting for you at the end of your trip, and makes you think about why you need to reach that destination safely," Bramble says.

She says the Iowa DOT's core traffic safety message hasn't changed--just how they're delivering it.

"We still want you to buckle up, we still want you to slow down, we still want you to drive undistracted, and we still want you to drive sober--but it's not a numbers game it's a heart issue, it a 'who's waiting for you' issue, and what happens if you don't get your destination safely," Bramble says.

Bramble says the DOT is spreading it's "What Drives You" campaign with TV and radio spots, and through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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