Waukee Sets Commercial Growth Record, Housing Slows

(Waukee, IA) -- Fast-growing Waukee has set a record for commercial growth, with 28-projects in 2022 with a valuation of $103 million. Three large commercial projects include a $17 million expansion for Access Systems, which is expected to add 60 jobs, as well as the $90 million Waukee Town Center, and the $35 million Iowa Clinic Project.

Waukee Economic Development Director Jennifer Brown says on average 7 new people move into Waukee each day, and commercial development tends to follow residential.

Waukee's new housing numbers were lower than in 2021. There were permits for nearly 400 single family homes, down from 600 in 2021. Brown says while 400 is still very strong, the decline could be a reflection of rising interest rates and construction costs and a softening of the economy.

In fiscal year 2022, the City of Waukee invested $53.75 million in infrastructure, including wrapping up major road improvement projects for Warrior Lane and Ashworth Road.

There are also two notable entertainment and recreation centers, Triumph Park which opened in June 2022 and The Live Nation entertainment venue in the KeeTown Loop.

The population of Waukee is nearly 27,000.

Photo: City of Waukee

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