Iowa's Eagles Prepare For Nesting Season

Photo: Raptor Resource Project, Decorah, Iowa

(Decorah, IA) -- Employees of Decorah's Raptor Resource Project have noticed a lot of activity lately while watching their famous eagle cams. Amy Reis says this is the time of year when eagles are preparing their nests for eggs, which typically arrive in mid-to-late February, and then hatch a few weeks after that.

She says the timing of the eggs can be dependent on the weather, noting a cold, dry winter can cause a delay of a few days.

The nests are impressive, about the size of small car, but because the material used gets soggy, the male and female eagles will spend a lot of time shoring it up with fresh sticks and debris from nearby farm fields.

The cameras have been in place for years now but Reis says they still get a lot of people from all over the world who will tune in to watch the eagle activities and speculate on when eaglets will arrive.

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